Intelligent Nutrition
....'because we are not all created equally'...

Have you ever wondered why some people are able to lose weight on a particular diet and others are not?
Why some people are plagued by poor health or deterioration due to aging while others seem to live healthy and vital lives even later in life?

You can greatly improve your health, vitality and emotional balance by knowing your blood type and by making diet and lifestyle decisions based on the evidence based results of the ever-increasing body of genetic and blood type research.
Intelligent Nutrition is an Authorised Australian Reseller for Dr Peter D'Adamo's Books and Kits, and was established by Annette Maxwell mifhi in 2009, who is an Accredited Master Practitioner and educator on the principles of Dr D’Adamo’s work, as featured in his books The Blood Type Diet, and, The GenoType Diet.
Based in Melbourne, Annette applies Dr D’Adamo’s research by adapting it to the Australian climate, utilising seasonally available local produce. Annette runs her clinic at Footscray, and, distributes Intelligent Nutrition's Seasonal Newsletter, a blood type specific publication, to clients all over Australia.
The widely publicised advantages of the Blood Type Diet highlight the growing need for an individually tailored diet, precisely because we are not all created equally.